Weekly Photo Challenge : Distorted

Distorted? Such a difficult word. Especially when you have to interprete it to the photo. But, when I read this explanation :

Distorted. The ice cubes in the photo are actually in focus. It’s the view beyond them which has been distorted by the glass. But you don’t have to take the theme distorted so literally – perhaps something is actually distorting your picture, or perhaps your perception, feelings, or outlook is what distorts what you’re aiming your camera at. Get creative!

So, maybe -just maybe :p – the picture below distorted my feelings.

Distro @terminal21, Bangkok

I found this thing (?) in front of a distro, you can see the Japanese letter says 子供はキライです, it means “I hate kids”. Actually it’s attractively eye cathing, but yet -somehow- distorting me😀

PS : Itu teh bener ga seh bahasa londo-nya?? maafkanlah ya kalo ga bener grammarnyah qiqiqiqi

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